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The following brands, websites, logos and motifs are wholly owned by the International Institute of Tax and Finance Ltd, herein known as I/I/T/F, and will be known throughout all I/I/T/F materials and websites as “the brand/s“, “the website/s“, “the logo/s” or “the motif/s“.

International Institute for Tax and Finance Ltd (I/I/T/F)

The International Institute for Tax & Finance (I/I/T/F) is a creator and aggregator of content, post graduate courses, education platforms, information and data in fields of cross-border taxation.  The IITF started in 2005 as a small short course training institution, but in 2008 took the move to partner with international universities offering full post graduate qualifications focussing primarily.

Today the IITF develops products to assist tax professionals dealing with the complexities of taxation in their respective jurisdictions.

I/I/T/F Structure & Logos, including the “grey” and “purple” Phoenix motifs

The Websites


I/T/J is the content aggregator and publishing division within I/I/T/F. I/T/J publishes up to date news, articles, educational papers and information within the I/I/T/F domain.

Quebiko is the global online training platform that brings together professionals and the best possible instructors.   Quebiko’s creates the platform for professionals to advance their careers in their respective fields.   Offering a spectrum of Post Graduate qualifications, certificate courses and webinars.

Quebiko also welcomes professionals who wish to instruct in a particular fields, the only requirement being that the subject matter deals with professional content as set out in the content parameters.

QUEst is an extension of I/IT/F, providing PodCasts dealing with relevant topics within the I/I/T/F domain.